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Homeowner Real-Time Leads

The Home Value Estimator (HVE) is a FREE real-time lead generation tool available to all agents using our Target Farming Reports or Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards. On each report or postcard, homeowners are drawn to a map of their home and surrounding neighborhood, showing them the various listed and sold homes in their area as well as their own.

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What do homeowners care most about when it comes to their home? It’s value. The Home Value Estimator delivers a strong call-to-action by offering a free home value estimate to homeowners at MyHomeEst.com.


The HVE website customizes the web page to the homeowner without requiring any personal information to be entered, including a Google Street View of the homeowner’s home and surrounding neighborhood! Homeowners simply enter a code referenced in the call-to-action and the website populates their information instantly! This process leads to a high conversion rate in leads, meaning more opportunities to get a listing.


The unique code entered by the homeowner ties back to the property and immediately provides to you, via email, the homeowner’s name, address, phone number, and email address (if available). A text is also sent to you letting you know an email has been received and is in your inbox.

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Our Farming Process

We Prepare, Print, and Mail For You!

Step 1

Mail Reports To Exclusive Neighborhoods Every 60 Days for Optimal Results

The most successful real estate agents develop their business in a specific area or market demographic by “farming” for business leads. The best method for doing this is consistently sending quality marketing pieces that educate homeowners. Doing this properly takes time and resources, which can distract from your effort to follow up and close leads. At RSP, we use MLS and tax roll data to prepare, print, and mail neighborhood-exclusive reports on your behalf around the world, providing homeowners with information on sales activity unique to their street, subdivision, or condo. Reports are mailed every 60 days to a specific geographic area, branding you as the neighborhood expert.

Step 2

Reinforce Your Brand

We offer Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards and Ready to Move Postcards to grow your sphere. These products keep you top-of-mind with homeowners while building up your credibility.

Step 3

Follow Up with Instant Real-Time Leads

Since we do the work, you’ll have time to spend following up with real-time leads produced from our Home Value Estimator lead generation tool, free on all reports and Just Listed/Just Sold postcards. For tips on how to do this, refer to our Best Practices Guide.

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